PINECROSS Wholesale is a direct distribution channel either to construction projects or timber wholesalers who orders with full container size 1x40� or minimum order at 50m3 for breaking bulk. PINECROSS provides all in service to eliminate other jobs relevant to customs clearance, forestry applications and transportation from port to designated destinations.

Contacting PINECROSS Customer Service for more details at 02 912 5200 or 086 369 6756(สิทธิ์), 096 795 5589(นก)
Product Description and Grade Applications Price CIF Bangkok US$/m3
PINECROSS Structural Timber,
#1 Framing
Building structure, Structure for
indoor and outdoor decoration
- - -
PINECROSS Decking Timber,
#1 Framing
PINECROSS Golden Deck,
- - -
PINECROSS Framing Timber,
#2 Framing
Indoor framing works for wall lining, non load bearing joist, outdoor decking #2 - - -
PINECROSS Industrial,
Commodity Grade
Manufacturing packaging
products and furnitures
- - -
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